'Twas the (magic) night before Christmas

Magic Breakfast Christmas campaign

Project completed for: Magic Breakfast

Magic Breakfast appointed me to imagine and manage their Christmas campaign which was inspired by the classic poem 'Twas the night before Christmas'.


Alongside T&T Brighton, I dreamed up the creative concept whilst ensuring the project ran to a tight budget - ensuring there was a strong launch strategy in place to maximise on reach and conversions (donations to this amazing cause). 

This year, even more children have gone to school hungry - too distracted to learn and get the education they deserve. But this issue doesn’t just stop when they go home for Christmas. There’s no Turkey or a mountain of roasties waiting for them to fill their bellies. There may not even be any gas for the hob.

It really is more important that ever to help those more vulnerable. If you can, please do donate to this amazing cause.

Concept creation | Launch strategy | Design management | Social media | Communications strategy | Project management

Animation & production: T&T Brighton
Illustration: Ryan Gillet

Poem author: Laura Colgan
Narration: Russel Tovey
Client: Magic Breakfast

Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 09.48.12.png
Over 20k+ raised
200k+ people reached
35k children provided with a healthy breakfast through the holidays