Seva-walla Awards

Project completed at: Dishoom

In Dishoom's world, they believe in Seva. Seva is an old Sanskrit term with means to live your life through generous, genuine and selfless giving.


Every year at their Christmas party, Dishoom holds a Seva-walla award where each café recognises one Dishoom-walla who has gone above and beyond to take care of their team and guests alike.

I was tasked with creating the coveted reward that would be gifted to their Seva champions and, with the help of the wonderful Lizzie Frost, we created the Seva pin. They can be seen on shirts across the cafes, worn with immense pride.

Briefing creative agencies | Communications strategy | Project management Copywriting | Event management | Managing production and design 

Design by: Lizzie Frost

Photography: Alistair Veryard

Over 50+ pins worn with pride
8+ award wins